More Whole Hog Coming to Kentucky

Red Barn Kitchen Adds a Monthly Hog Roast

There's a whole hog on Chef Reed Johnson's old stick burner at Red Barn Kitchen in Louisville (Courtesy Red Barn Kitchen Via Facebook)
Continuing the theme of a whole hog revival, word out of Louisville is that Kentuckians are getting themselves a new whole hog option. Back in December, Executive Chef Reed Johnson staged his first whole hog roast at Red Barn Kitchen BBQ in the Lyndon suburb. It was such a success that they're going to make it a monthly event.

Despite the "Executive Chef" title, Johnson is no stranger to the barbecue pit, having grown up in Madisonville in the heart of Western Kentucky's barbecue belt. And he's not going at it in half measures either. For the December event, they broke out Johnson's old "stick-burner" metal pit, and the pig he cooked on it was a whopping 300 pounds. That's going whole hog indeed.

The next roast is slated for January 26th

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