Attention Shake Shack: This Is Not BBQ

Shake Shack is releasing a 'limited edition BBQ menu.' Very limited.

So, Shake Shack is pushing hard the notion that they are "griddlin' up a limited edition BBQ menu." But do the terms "griddle" and "barbecue" really ever go together? If you read the press release announcing their "limited edition BBQ menu" you'll quickly learn that in Shake Shack's definition, at least, all you got to do to make something barbecue is put a little barbecue sauce on top of it.

We can tolerate a little good natured debate over whether something fast-cooked on a grill in the backyard can truly be called "barbecue." But at least there's fire and smoke involved in that. But simply glopping a little sauce on top of burger?

Sorry, fellas. Keep trying. Not BBQ.

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