Swig & Swine Brings Whole Hog to Summerville

Add another South Carolina whole hog joint to the mix

By Robert F. Moss

From Facebook, whole hog from Swig & Swine
They're cooking whole hog everyday at the new Summerville Swig & Swine (Swig & Swine via Facebook)
Over the past few years, Swig & Swine has built a loyal following for the wood-cooked barbecue it serves at its original location on Savannah Highway in Charleston. A while back, owner Anthony DiBernardo and his team upped the ante when they started serving whole hog barbecue as a Tuesday special.

But there were just getting started. Last week the restaurant opened a new branch out in Summerville with a huge pit room where—in the biggest news of all—they're not just cooking whole hogs but doing it every single day as a regular menu item.

Just two years ago, when the first Swig & Swine opened, it looked like whole hog cookery was going the way of liver and lights hash and other old-time specialties. Since then, though, a crop of new whole hog joints like Sam Jones Barbecue in Winterville, NC, Buxton Hall in Asheville, and B's Cracklin' BBQ in Savannah have opened their doors, possibly breathing new life into the tradition.

And now we can Swig & Swine in Summerville to the list. The future of whole hog barbecue is looking just a little bit brighter.

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